Wintutor è un Software Gestionale per Aziende semplice da utilizzare

Management Software – ERP

The powerful management software for Windows

Flexibility and Timeliness: two characters, one distinctive brand.

Technological innovation inevitably leads us to redefine corporate strategies and policies based on constant changes.

It becomes essential to establish what the objectives are, identify them and achieve them through tools that make both the company and the people who live it flexible and timely at the same time.

A simple, powerful and always updated tool

winTutor® is powerful, reliable and easy to use software. It is highly customizable because it has been designed according to the principle of modularity: each single module guarantees the greatest ease of use, intervening on specific application areas (Sales, Purchasing, Logistics, Production, Administration, etc.).

The information moves freely from module to module to allow you to view data from different sources, just like it does in your company.

Selda Informatica directly provides you with the Program Update Service: in this way you have the right to receive all periodic updates with the improvements and evolution of winTutor®.

To ensure that your investment is safeguarded, Selda Informatica offers you a series of additional services: program updates, telephone technical support, assistance interventions, training and start-up of telematic assistance and remote diagnosis.

A work environment today, the growth of tomorrow

Selda Informatica knows perfectly how much companies have the need for operational management procedures capable of guaranteeing: completeness of information, operational efficiency, control security, application flexibility, and organizational effectiveness.

The software is the most suitable tool for transforming the necessary management experience into procedural models based on the specific needs of the company.

This is how our winTutor® solution was born: we started from the challenge of creating a tool able to cope with this context, without limits on the possibility of future growth.




winTutor® is based on a two-level client / server architecture: Back End database and Front End graphic interface.

The clients are on PCs operating in a Windows environment. The Back End consists of a SAP SQL Anywhere server.

This architecture allows you to combine the potential of the Windows environment with the power and security of relational database servers.


Power Builder Enterprise is APPEON’s Object-Oriented RAD development environment.

In this environment it is possible to develop more user-oriented and easily maintainable Windows applications.

SAP SQL Anywhere

Among the many database “engines” to SAP SQL Anywhere the best cost / performance ratio is universally recognized.

Not only that, this database is based on scalable technology that combines a powerful SQL engine with simplicity, economy and performance.

In addition, SAP SQL Anywhere has been designed for environments ranging from large departmental networks to stand alone PCs.

Windows environment

winTutor® operates in a Windows environment thus ensuring the use of a standard graphic interface, but above all the possibility of using and integrating all the applications available in this environment.

winTutor® allows the company to disseminate all the information contained in the application, in the most used formats (Word, Excel, PDF, Html, ASCII and DBF) and to export them to the most popular office-automation programs (Microsoft Word, Excel , Graph, Project); Furthermore, documents can be automatically sent to customers and suppliers by fax and e-mail.

Internet integration

The winTutor® web architecture is based on the Open Source Apache / PHP platform

winTutor® Web makes the following functionalities available to the company:

  • Publication of data relating to products (images, data sheets), price lists, availability in stock.
  • Customer Order Management: collection of orders for agents, branches, authorized customers.
  • View order status and deliveries.
  • Customer Order Validation: back office module that allows you to validate Customer Orders and possibly insert them in the winTutor® document circuit.

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Discover the winTutor® Product Range


winTutor® is a powerful, reliable and easy-to-use Business Management Software.

It is highly customizable because it has been designed according to the principle of modularity: each single module guarantees the greatest ease of use, intervening on specific application areas (Sales, Purchasing, Logistics, Production, Administration, etc.)


winTutor®IRIS è il primo gestionale nativo per Ortoflorovivaisti


winTutor®IRIS is the first native management software for horticulturalism.

This innovative software was developed by Selda Informatica with the help of expert agronomists in the horticultural sector.

Already used in the most important Italian horticultural companies and also available in a multilingual version for foreign companies.


Scopri winTutor®LABOFOTO gestionale fotolaboratori


winTutor®LABOFOTO is the innovative management software developed by Selda Informatica in synergy with professional experts in the field of industrial photolabs.

Powerful, intuitive, fast and complete, with an excellent cost / performance ratio, it is designed for the 360 ​​° management of the company and the typical problems of the sector, ensuring timely control of all information.