Reporting System for QlikView

Con Qlik NPrinting realizzi report accattivanti, in maniera molto intuitiva.

NPrinting is the most advanced Reporting system for QlikView: it allows the generation, planning and distribution of reports based on data and graphics from Qlik applications and dashboards in a simple, fast and intuitive way.

It allows you to manage the sending of PDF, Excel, PowerPoint filtered on the basis of updated data and / or recipients, to process objects that are also on different QVWs, to plan the automatic reload of data before sending, and much more!

Our specialists are also experts in understanding the major business processes related to sales, manufacturing, logistics, finance and administration in addition to Qlik.

Thanks to our network of consultants and partners, we have already carried out more than 100 projects on Qlik with customers throughout the country.


The best reporting and distribution solution.

For Selda Informatica, NPrinting is undoubtedly the most advanced tool for generating and distributing reports starting from the data and analysis of QlikView and Qlik Sense.

What can you do with Qlik NPrinting?

Beautiful to look at, easy to use.

With NPrinting you can create captivating reports, in a very intuitive way.


Qlik Nprinting Software Reportistica Basata sui Dati

It supports all major formats and uses drag-and-drop functionality:
  • Microsoft® Office formats including PowerPoint, Excel and Word
  • Highly detailed reports in HTML format and more
  • Simple, web-based clients, plus built-in editing tools
Everything you are looking for from a report
  • Centrally plan, generate and distribute reports through a variety of channels.
  • Filter information for custom reports relevant to the user
  • Search and choose reports through a secure self-service portal called “Newsstand”
Visual analysis and reporting from the same platform
  • Improved security and scalability for large enterprise deployments
  • Retire existing BI and reporting systems for significant savings
  • Promote the culture of data discovery by connecting Qlik Sense and QlikView live apps


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