A platform for Business Discovery

The QlikView Business Discovery platform offers self-service BI that provides users with powerful tools that enable innovative decision making.

QlikView’s web-based management console offers an easy way to ensure everyone has access to the latest data and analysis.

Investing in QlikView does not only mean investing in one of the most intuitive self-service BI platforms, it is also an investment in Enterprise architectures that can be perfectly modeled on specific needs and an investment in one of the largest and most active BI communities where ideas are exchanged and solutions are quickly implemented.


QlikView offers a whole new understanding of business through:

  • Consolidate important data from multiple sources into one application
  • Exploring data bindings
  • “Social” decision making through secure collaboration in real time
  • Visualization of data with interesting state-of-the-art graphics
  • Searches all data, directly and indirectly
  • Interaction with dynamic applications, dashboards and analytics
  • Access, analysis and acquisition of data from mobile devices

Our specialists are also experts in understanding the major business processes related to sales, manufacturing, logistics, finance and administration in addition to Qlik.

Thanks to our network of consultants and partners we have already carried out more than 100 projects on Qlik with customers throughout the national territory.

What can you do with QlikView?

QlikView allows you to:

  • Identify hidden trends and make discoveries that foster innovative decisions.
  • Ask questions and seek information on your own or in collaboration with others in real time.
  • Search all data for complete visibility. Simply type a word or phrase into the QlikView search box in any order for instant associative results. Leverage the benefits of self-service BI without the need to reach out to IT or business analysts for new queries or reports.
  • Consolidate data from multiple sources to give users a complete view
  • Stay focused on data security, data and application provisioning, data governance, and systems maintenance
  • Eliminate the need to write and rewrite reports, modify queries, and build cubes.
  • Extracting data from source systems, creating data models, transforming data, describing metadata, creating data storage layers and defining the user interface.
  • Creation and manipulation of a wide range of visualizations and their modification in real time.
  • Creating extensions using QlikView Workbench (a Microsoft Visual Studio® plug-in).
  • Integration with corporate portals and collaboration sites using the web parts of QlikView for Microsoft SharePoint®.
  • Direct link to popular business applications and data sources including Salesforce.com, SAP NetWeaver and Informatica.

QlikView improves BI for everyone

More tools available to our users

QlikView’s associative experience provides answers as quickly as questions are conceived. It allows you to interact with data without limitations to generate analysis in unthinkable ways.

IT professionals can deliver self-service BI

QlikView enables IT professionals to deliver a complete self-service BI experience and serve the business like never before, all while ensuring absolute data security, quality and governance on the back end.

Semplificare l’attività di professionisti it e sviluppatori

QlikView makes it easier for business analysts and developers to build state-of-the-art business intelligence applications that users can improve and expand as business needs change.


QlikView technology

QlikView is a pioneer of in-memory BI

In-memory technology is important for performance, but it takes a lot to build a Business Discovery platform. Traditional query- and cube-based business intelligence can run in memory for shorter response times, but still requires manual IT intervention to manage the data bindings that users depend on.


The diversity of QlikView

The real difference is what QlikView does with in-memory technology. The QlikView Business Discovery platform:

  • It has an inference engine that automatically maintains the associations in the data
  • Calculate aggregations in real time, as needed, for a super-fast user experience
  • Compress data up to 10% of its original size to optimize processor power
  • Achieve two goals with one complete product

The result? Users and developers no longer have to manage bindings in data, so they can quickly move from prototyping to implementation and refinement.

Thinking differently: flexible technology

QlikView is much more than a great Business Discovery tool with which you can build BI Apps. QlikView is also very flexible. Customers and partners can create custom charts using the JavaScript API and uploading data from any source directly into QlikView using the QVX interface for data exchange.

A truly dynamic BI ecosystem

QlikCommunity As part of the QlikView family, you are never alone. Join the 90,000 members of the QlikCommunity and participate in discussions, ask questions, download free examples and share the QlikView App.

QlikMarket – In QlikMarket, customers can find a wide range of ready-to-use partner-created apps, chart extensions and connectors. Partners receive unprecedented visibility for their innovations.

Qlik Partner Portal – For our 1,700 partners and more, the Qlik Partner Portal is the link to high-quality sales, marketing and training materials to support winning business with the QlikView Business Discovery platform.

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