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Qlik Sense Mobile Business Intelligence Analytics SELDA Informatica

Qlik Sense makes it quick and easy to group views, analyze data in depth, and find connections in an instant to evaluate opportunities from any perspective.

To fully understand Qlik Sense, imagine an analytics tool so intuitive that any business decision maker could easily create custom reports and dynamic dashboards to explore large amounts of data and find strategic insights.

Our specialists are also experts in understanding the major business processes related to sales, manufacturing, logistics, finance and administration in addition to Qlik.

Thanks to our network of consultants and partners, we have already carried out more than 100 projects on Qlik with customers throughout the country.

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What can you do with Qlik Sense?

A revolutionary self-service data discovery and visualization application designed for individuals, groups and businesses

Qlik Sense Dashboard Analytics Business Intelligence Software SELDA Informatica

Drag-and-drop views reveal hidden details

Smart Visualization in combination with Qlik’s patented data indexing engine reveals all the relationships that exist between data and information.

Smart Search gives you maximum flexibility

Not sure where to start? No problem. Simply type in the strings to search, Smart Search is able to create links, revealing relationships between data and information that you had not thought of looking for, providing suggestions on how to proceed.

Analyze multiple data sources in one application

Qlik Sense connects to multiple data sources, including live feeds to provide more comprehensive views, without compromising performance.

Access analytics anywhere, anytime, on any device

Troubleshoot even when you’re on the go. Easily switch from desktop to tablet to smartphone – Qlik Sense automatically adapts to the device you are using. Wherever you are working, Qlik Sense helps you respond in real time and stimulates your ideas.

Effective data communication facilitates collaboration and information sharing

The data communication feature makes it easy to visually share analyses, communicate results to various teams, and collaborate more efficiently.

Managed data allows for simple self-service implementation

Users can create data visualizations, dashboards and reports, while IT is confident that the data they manage and the libraries they use are secure and consistent.


Qlik Sense Software Business Intelligence Dashboard Analisi Dati SELDA Informatica

Creating custom data visualizations, reports, and dashboards is easy for any user

With Qlik Sense, users can actively use information, without the need for scripts, whatever their level of experience.

  • Drag-and-drop techniques allow anyone to create high-impact visualizations.
  • The built-in library allows you to share and reuse data, metrics and objects

La creazione progressiva consente di procedere in modo semplice o sofisticato – a te la scelta


Enterprise-class managed technology enables uncompromising centralized control

Finding a balance between business and IT needs has always been a real challenge. But Qlik Sense is the data visualization software designed to meet the needs of both equally: business users can enjoy maximum flexibility, while IT managers maintain centralized control and management.


Managed, user-oriented creation

Business users need to be able to analyze data and provide responses based on requests without having to wait for IT to create or update viewing apps. However, data must be safe, secure and reliable – and Qlik Sense offers robust management to make this possible.

  • Shared Object Library: Pre-built data, expressions and views ensure consistent use of data and values.
  • Progressive Creation: Allows you to grant users additional access to create customized views, sheets, and communications as their skills grow.
  • Managed Data Connections: Ensures that all applications use common data sources, without the need for predefined database connections within the app. Access is controlled by security rules.

Fast development of outstanding quality apps

Qlik Sense delivers value faster. In fact, developers have the ability to offer business users faster access to visualization and analysis functions.

  • Fast Development Environment: An easy-to-use interface allows developers to build data visualization apps, including drag-and-drop techniques and collaborative development.
  • Powerful open standard APIs: Provide the ability to integrate Qlik Sense into custom web pages and applications and extend core functionality to meet customer needs.
  • Integrate data from disparate sources, including big data: Bring together data from disparate systems – including big data sources from across the organization – to provide a comprehensive view and access more meaningful information.

Enterprise-class architecture

Qlik Sense was designed specifically for the business environment, providing sophisticated, centralized control and scalability.

  • Ease of Management: Flexible licensing, usage tracking, and an easy-to-use interface to save time and simplify troubleshooting.
  • Security: Implement enterprise-level security requirements through a flexible security rules engine, granular control for progressive development, plus powerful auditing and logging capabilities.
  • Scalability: Data visualization support, flexible scalability, and geographically dispersed clusters enable global deployments.


Interested parties are reminded that, starting from the end of February 2020, the free version of Qlik® Sense will be discontinued.

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