Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

Easy-to-use centralized system for managing Sales and Production

Our Smart BPF solution allows you to quickly and effectively manage the entire Budgeting and Forecasting process of your company in a centralized and collaborative way, abandoning the Excel sheet and thus eliminating the uncontrolled exchange of documents, allowing greater ease of use.

Smart BPF harnesses the power of a BI system like Qlik Sense for variance analysis and advanced reporting.

The Strengths of SMART BPF

The Strenghts of SMART BPF


Who is it for?

  • Production Companies
  • B2B Commercial Companies
  • Service Companies

Main features

  • Data acquisition from any external system (ERP, CRM, flat data)
  • Management for models with creation and duplication of scenarios and versions
  • Work online with immediate data update
  • User functionality to comment on data and exchange messages
  • Centralization of data management and business logic
  • Calculations made in real-time

Other Features

  • Configurable authorization workflow with customizable blocking and approval rules (bottom-up planning, parallel planning)
  • Configuring the criteria for determining the level of data visibility
  • Audit of accesses and changes
  • Internal reporting system for data analysis and what-if
  • Notification and alert generation
  • Can be used in the cloud or on-premise

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The Advantages of Smart BPF

  • Simple, agile and customizable => Configurable, management mode like Excel
  • Elimination of duplication and inconsistency of data => Centralization and online integration
  • Immediate data update => All users work online
  • Speed ​​in data certification and digitization of approvals => Configurable authorization workflow with customizable blocking and approval rules
  • Data security and protection => Configuring policies for determining the level of data visibility, access audits and changes
  • Speed ​​in decisions => Data analysis system integrated with dashboard and alerts to support decisions