An effective visit!

How to maximize the efficiency of the store visit

The store visit is an investigation activity that is as effective as the information it conveys is easily acquired by the operator and easily consulted from the headquarters. For this reason, over time we have refined a data collection system that in every phase of the survey makes available all the tools necessary to make the process agile, efficient and fast.

What our solution consists of

It is a versatile and complete iPad App that immediately puts it in the hands of the merchandiser
all the necessary tools at your “touch”:

  • Always updated list of POS to visit
  • Geolocation to better manage your tour
  • Complete management of the survey:
    • detection matrix
    • competition monitoring
    • promotional calendars
    • check OOS, promotions, assortment
    • problem diagnostics
    • visit questionnaire
  • Display and proposal of variation of the assortment information of the POS
  • “Snap In Store” system to save the shelf layout
  • Proposal to change the personal information of the POS
  • Immediate dispatch of completed surveys
  • Receipt of updated information from the headquarters
  • “Go live” quickly
  • Advanced use experience
  • Use without the need for network coverage

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