Shelf under control

Maximize the store visit

Why not take advantage of the store visit to document the state of the shelves?

Thanks to Snap In Store installed on your Tablet, you can monitor your exhibition spaces, photograph them and tag them with information immediately available to the entire company.


Mobile App

  • Geolocation of the points of sale
  • Subdivision of the shots by:
    • shop
    • product hierarchy
    • phase of the visit (check-in / check-out)
    • event and promotional plan
    • Added information notes on the photo
    • Copy of the photos taken in the album of the device
    • Automatic synchronization to web server for publication on Web App and company Intranet
    • Advanced use experience
    • Use without the need for network coverage


Web App
The Snap In Store Web App can be used:

  • from PC in case the Sales Force does not have a Tablet
  • by Management to analyze the data sent by the Agents on-site

Snap In Store Web App is a multi-browser application, optimized to manage even large amounts of data.

It allows an easy and immediate search thanks to a simple survey interface and allows, even from a PC, the upload of the images taken and their “cataloging”.

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