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SELDA has been named Best Authorized Qlik® Partner of the Year 2020 for Italy!

SELDA è stata nominata Best Authorized Partner Qlik® dell'Anno 2020 per l'Italia!

Qlik Software di Business Intelligence SELDA Informatica

Qlik takes interactive data discovery to a whole new level without the need for special professional development skills from the end user.

Qlik is a widely tested, secure and stable Business Intelligence (BI) platform. Leader in the BI market allows:

  • the rapid creation of applications for guided analysis;
  • exploration and analysis managed by the user;
  • to improve understanding of your company’s data and facilitate decisions.

Our specialists are also experts in understanding the major business processes related to sales, manufacturing, logistics, finance and administration in addition to Qlik.

Thanks to our network of consultants and partners, we have already carried out more than 100 projects on Qlik with customers throughout the country.

Selda Informatica and Qlik: love at first sight

We discovered this powerful tool in 2005 and quickly became a Partner. From that moment we have never stopped using it in our projects and updating ourselves through continuous and constant training.

We know Qlik perfectly, even better than our pockets, and have specific expertise on every Qlik ™ product available to date.

We know how essential it is to know the reasons and success factors of your business: accumulating information and data without a true management strategy represents the loss of an asset with a high potential of value.

Selda Informatica knows this well and we consider Qlik the ideal solution for carrying out Business Intelligence projects: every simple archived data will be transformed into useful and strategic information to quickly make informed decisions at all company levels.

The ideal choice for your business

Starting from your specific needs, Selda Informatica will guide you in implementing the best solution for your company.

  • We will take care of providing you with support during the installation and configuration phase at a system level.
  • We will develop, side by side, targeted projects for each business area.
  • With our on-the-job training, the use and the development language will have no more secrets.
  • We are authorized resellers of all Qlik family products.

We are confident that you will be able to overcome the limitations that emerge in most query-based Business Intelligence tools thanks to Qlik: the data analysis platform and the patented Qlik associative engine allows you to combine any number of data sources (management, calculation, export txt, etc.), explore them freely and orient your thinking based on what you see.

What results do you get with Qlik?

Qlik will allow you to acquire very useful information that other tools simply do not consider, and homogeneous and easily usable visualizations

Qlik ti permetterà di acquisire informazioni utilissime che altri strumenti semplicemente non considerano, e visualizzazioni omogenee e facilmente fruibili

Due to these characteristics, Qlik is a widely versatile and easily accessible tool.

It applies to many realities, from small companies to multinationals (public or private), with the possibility of being employed in almost all business areas (sales, IT, marketing, administration, finance, human resources, supply chain, etc.).

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Software per la Business Intelligence Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense makes it quick and easy to group views, analyze data in depth, and find connections in an instant to evaluate opportunities from any perspective.

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Software per la Business Intelligence Qlik View


The QlikView Business Discovery platform offers self-service BI that provides users with powerful tools that enable innovative decision making.

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Software di Reportistica basato sui Dati e Grafici Qlik NPrinting

Qlik NPrinting

NPrinting is the most advanced Reporting system for QlikView: it allows the generation, planning and distribution of reports based on data and graphics from Qlik applications and dashboards in a simple, fast and intuitive way.

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Software di Analisi Dati Geolocalizzata Qlik Geoanalytics

Qlik GeoAnalytics

Powerful geographic views and location-based analytics for both Qlik Sense and QlikView using patented technology that compresses and scrolls mapping data.

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