Enterprise Solution for Sales Management

SELL: concreteness and relevance to sales

Obtaining winning commercial strategies for a production company means knowing how to optimize various factors, ranging from the peculiarities of the product, to brand development policies, to trade marketing techniques, to the skills of its agents, in order to achieve the best harmony with consumer choices.

An integrated management of the Trade Marketing Life Cycle

The combined activity of the SELL modules allows the simple retrieval of updated information that gives rise to beneficial actions for the business in a timely manner.

The information managed between the various subsystems is fully integrated: they do not need to be re-coded in different subsystems and the flexibility of the individual modules allows you to quickly adapt to changes in the competitive scenario.

The increasingly fierce competition in stores and the availability of low-cost connection technologies require the setting up of computer systems for the processing of scanner data from the store.

The information between the different modules (Headquarters / Periphery) can be updated immediately according to the needs of the end users on a daily or weekly basis.

Finally, the information can be tailored to the end user in order to maximize the operational focus.

Discover the SELL MANAGER Product Range

Mai più rotture di Stock con Sell Manager Push di SELDA Informatica


No more stock outages during a promotion!

This solution allows you to plan promotions with estimated plant volumes and daily billing.


Sell Manager OSA permette la Optimal Shelf Availability dei tuoi Prodotti a Scaffale


Optimal Shelf Availability

POS data detection (cash outflows) for punctual analyzes on regular and promotional sales data, identification of Stock Breaks (OOS), promotional period tracking and Category Analysis.


SELL DOC gestione permessi di accesso ai punti vendita


No more paper documents!

With the SELL DOC solution it becomes very easy to manage your access processes to the Points of Sale, eliminating cumbersome paper documents and reducing the time for receiving authorizations.


SELL Manager AIS di SELDA Informatica permette la Rilevazione Fisica su Punto di Vendita e l'Analisi dei Dati di Merchandising


Audit In Store, Merchandising and Mobile Merchandising

Physical detection on the store and analysis of merchandising data through:
• a client-side application (Agent) for the management of the periodic visit to the store, in Windows and iOS versions
• a site-side application for the collection (remotely) and analysis of the data collected


Sell Manager SIS di Selda Informatica è l'App Mobile per la Rilevazione Fotografica della disposizione dei Prodotti a Scaffale.


Snap In Store

Mobile App (stand alone, or integrated in SellMCD) for photographic detection of the arrangement of products on the shelf with cataloging functionality for:

• Merchandiser agent
• Store
• Reference
• Type of Anomaly