No more paper documents!

Streamline the organization of access to points of sale

With the SELL DOC solution it becomes very easy to manage your access processes to the Points of Sale, eliminating cumbersome paper documents and reducing the time for receiving authorizations.

If your main sales channel is that of large-scale distribution, you will be able to use fewer internal resources and reduce the processing times of requests by 70%.

SELL DOC offers you a completely digital vision of the whole process, allowing you to avoid the long manual processing operations required and to reduce the time needed to consult the historical and reuse documents thanks to its appropriate document system that can be used by web browser, tablet and smartphone.

Complete management of the document workflow

SELL DOC complete document workflow management

Figures who can benefit:

In the company

  • Commercial and Marketing Directors
  • Agents / Sellers / Inspectors

On the outside

  • Customers


How our solution works:

  • Vendors create new Point of Sale access requests
  • The process manager prepares the documentation by sign or single point of sale
  • The process manager starts the internal approval process
  • The notification system speeds up the verification and signing process
  • The online search tools allow you to have the documentation produced always available, from any device

Who is it for:

  • Consumer Goods Manufacturers (CPGs)
  • Companies that have large-scale distribution as their main sales channel
  • Companies that have an internal sales force and / or through agencies
  • Companies that carry out merchandising surveys and / or check contracts

The advantages of SELL DOC:

  • Stop to paper documents => Archiving in digital format
  • Wizard => Less chance of error
  • Automatic autograph signature => the user signs remotely​
  • Notification system => alert to the next user in the process

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