RetailOR soluzione di intelligent analytics per il retail

RetailOR® – Retail ORganizer

Intelligent Analytics Solution for Retail

Artificial Intelligence for the development of Retail Networks

Retailor Intelligenza Artificiale per lo sviluppo delle Reti di Vendita al Dettaglio

RetailOR® is the ideal solution for organizing and managing retail distribution systems. It allows you to carry out analyses and develop strategies for controlling, measuring the performance of existing stores and developing new ones in an innovative and personalized way.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are integrated in this valid tool to support owners and managers who aspire to overcome the increasingly difficult challenges posed by the market.

A scientific and operational method for analyzing performances, clustering stores and deciding the location of new openings.

Retailor Permette di monitorare costantemente le performance di ogni singolo punto vendita mediante opportuni indicatori
RetailOR®, what performance are our stores achieving?
It allows you to constantly monitor the performance of each individual store using appropriate indicators, and to make more complete assessments also considering the characteristics and potential of the market.
Retailor offre un modello di raggruppamento affidabile in grado di segmentare i punti vendita elaborando dati interni ed esterni
RetailOR®, how can I cluster our stores?
It offers a reliable grouping model capable of segmenting the points of sale by processing internal and external data in order, for example, to compare the results achieved, guide strategies or promotional actions, make forecast estimates.
RetailOR®, where should I open the new store?
It supports the localization choices of new stores by promoting accurate market analysis based on data that can be found from the Web and from other sources internal and external to the company.

RetailOR® is a flexible and customizable method essential to stay up-to-date and enhance data to improve the management of Retail systems.

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